Hajj 2014 Group Packages And Family Packages

Hajj-group-2014 Most of the Hajji’s , aiming to perform Hajj in 2014, need to first make it clear either they would like to join any Hajj group package or would like to go separate. When deciding the factor, you need to analyze a few things, which will make you able to make your decision in the right direction. Firstly it depends either you are going to Hajj with family or alone. When with family, especially if you have a child or any person above age of sixty, the scenario becomes entirely different in comparison to when you have no one else to take care of. With your family involve, you have not only to take care of your self but also take utmost care of them as well. There are certain risk factors, which are to be dealt vigilantly while you perform Hajj with family. We shell discuss them in some detail later on .

If you are alone, and going to Hajj for the first time and also have not visited Saudi Arabia before , it is better  for you to join Our Cheapest Hajj packages 2014 along with other Hajj performers. This will give you many benefits and your activities during the Hajj 2014 will be very smooth and without much problems. In group, you will have many native speakers from UK and will have no communication problems as such and time passes very quickly once you have people from the same society speaking the same language. You will have a Moalim with you during the Group Hajj 2014, who will be providing you step by step information in How to Perform Hajj during your Hajj pilgrimage. The presence of a Moalim is utmost important and this you will feel it once you will be having dealing with him during your stay at different places during Hajj.

On the other side, what we were discussing earlier was the problems, you may face during Hajj 2014, if you have your family with you specially women, children and people of old age. They need special care and in Group packages, mostly there is a twin, Triple or Quad sharing which creates a problem and lack of privacy for you. If you are going with your family, we can attach you with any group however, all of your benefits associated with your Group Hajj Packages 2014 will remain same and your privacy will also stay intact as we can accommodate your family separately.

We suggest that before booking with any other agent,  you give a personal visit to our office, where we can show you how our customized Group and family Hajj packages are not only effective but most cheapest in the market at the same time. You can visit us any time of your choice, as we always stay ready to help our customers in getting answers of all their questions.

Umrah Packages For Ramadan 2014


For the year 2013, there have been many difficulties for the people who wanted to perform Umrah from the UK. Due to the construction of Haram Sharif, and the Mers Corona Virus, the Government of Saudi Arabia had to reduce the number of Visas for Ramadan. Due to this, many people who were aiming to spend the month of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah were not able to fulfill their desire. As a matter of fact, the decision taken by the Saudi Government was very much required at the moment, as there was a great threat of the out spreading of the Mers Corona virus and with the presence of more then two million pilgrims, the results of the out spread could have become uncontrollable.


If you take a piece of advise from people who already have performed Umrah, they definitely would suggest  you to opt for time when the weather conditions are good and the rush of people in holly cities of Mecca and Madina is lesser. This should be considered specially if you are moving with your family.  If you are one of those, who have not been able to get Umrah Visa this Ramadan, Join our Cheapest Umrah Packages for the year 2014. An advance booking for the Ramadan package will ensure that you get your Umrah Visa well before time and there would be no rush at the time of departure.

Our Special Tailor made Umrah Packages 2014 offers Groups Tour as well as personally customized packages according to your choice.  There are certain benefits for both Group and Individual packages, which we will share with our clients once you will come to our premises for booking of your Hajj or Umrah Package 2014. So if you have missed the Umrah this year, reserve your seat for the next year well before time to avoid any inconvenience next year.

Cost Factor In Hajj And Umrah Packages 2014

Are you among those people who are surfing the internet for Cheapest Umrah Packages 2014, while at the same time are confused either to go for the cheapest Packages or should opt for a package that also give you some sense of relief once you start your holly pilgrimage. One needs to be logical and have realistic approach towards  things while making any decision. You must understand that while performing Hajj and Umrah, you have to face physical hardships and most of the time, other people will have very less chance to support you as they too, will have to face the same circumstance you are facing.

Another worth mentioning thing to discuss is weather. The Weather in Saudi Arabia is much hotter then the UK. While you plan your Umrah 2014, also consider the heat factor and try to opt for the time where the temperature levels in Saudi Arabia are on lower side, other wise you may have to face severe weather change conditions and you may get ill.

Coming back to our topic, before you opt one of the most Cheapest Umrah or Hajj Packages for your 2014 pilgrimage, have a few things on your check list before you finally opt for your Umrah Operator in UK.  Go through the detail of Hotels and their distance for Haram Sharif and Masjid e Nabvi. If you have some people of elder age with you, don’t compromise on distance. Most of the Cheap Umrah and Hajj packages will place you far away place from Haram and Masjid E Nabvi. Traveling such amount of distance many times a day will make your pilgrimage difficult, hence insist on Hotels no more then 500 meter distance specially if you are moving with your family.

Most of the Cheapest Umrah Packages will offer an indirect flight to Saudi Arabia. This increases the burden of Travel. Always insist for a direct flight. Your Transportation is also the responsibility of your Umrah tour operator. We advise that you must include the whole trip in your Umrah Package otherwise, you , yourself will have to arrange the transportation for your self and family which will make your journey more difficult.

Concluding, having the most cost effective Hajj or Umrah Package is your right, but before moving on, have a break and take a look at what is being offered. If you are planning to opt for having a Hajj package 2014 or Cheapest Umrah package 2014, trust our decades of experience and unmatched services. We are serving the UK Hajj and Umrah market since years and have come up as the leading Umrah and Hajj Tour operators in the UK. Once you will be on board with UmrahExpress, you will feel the difference. Call now and book with us. Our friendly sales staff will step by step guide you in any aspect your want.

Hajj And Umrah 2014 For Women And Children

When we talk about Umrah, people have certain differences among their traveling. Some couples move alone and some with their kids.  There will be a very big difference if you are going for Umrah with your spouse or children or you are moving alone. Certain parameters and precautions are must so far as Umrah for children and women is concern. There are some problems which may come if you are accompanied with your family, for which you should be prepared physically and mentally before you undertake the pilgrimage of Hajj or Umrah.


Though the holly cities of Mecca and Madina always remain over crowded due to the public masses, however in the month of Ramadan, they become so much overcrowded that even the local residents start to feel a lot of problem due to public mobs. In such conditions, opting for Umrah with family is very challenging task, until you have made certain arrangements i.e. have booked some best Umrah Package, in which all the aspects to protect your family members . Now a days, most of the Umrah and Hajj tour operators in the UK, often promise to give you and your family every facility during their Umrah pilgrimage however, all of the planning goes to vain once they have to face massive shortages of different services in the holly cities and could not entertain their clients as per their commitments.

Among so much public masses, if any particular disease is wide spread, it becomes extremely difficult for the health authorities to control it. This year, due to Mers Corona Virus, the Saudi ministry of health has already forbidden people in old age, women and children to postpone their Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage till next year.  Hence it is advised that in order to avoid any problematic circumstance, you can straight away opt for Umrah Package 2014, which has been customized to give maximum facilitation to you and your family members.

Our Umrah Package 2014 is totally customizable and tailor made and can be modified according to the need and demand of the customer. You may order a separate living place for your family or a separate cab for your transportation. All your requirements will be fulfilled in a glimpse time. Also our agents can advise you with the best possible arrangements within your suggested budget levels. So if,  by now, you have decided to go for the Umrah Package 2014 or Hajj package 2014, try our Cheapest Umrah Packages 2014 and Hajj packages 2014.Hopefully you will find any thing you need on your doorstep without any hassle. Our telephone operators always await your calls on the above number to facilitate you in every respect.

Ministry Of Health Advised Certain Patients Not To Come For Umrah Or Hajj Due To Mers Corona Virus


During the recent proceedings, the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia has advised people with different chronic diseases, children and pregnant women, to postpone their Hajj or Umrah due to the spreading of Mers Corona Virus. This year , in the month of Ramadan, some two million Muslims from around the world are expected to perform Umrah and due to such a large number of people attendance, any widespread can become uncontrollable for the health authorities, hence it has been advised that particular individuals with low and weak immunity system should avoid arrival at Umrah pilgrimage. For those who have already approached the holly land, Ministry of health has advised to wear masks all the time to keep you protected from the germs of virus.


 Keeping in view the scenario, most of the people through out the world and specially in the UK are postponing their Umrah pilgrimage till 2014 and are now opting for Umrah Packages 2014. For most of the people, it is very important that they should realize the importance of good health during the days of Umrah and Hajj. Even if you are on a Family Umrah Visa and your family members are also with you, even then try to avoid becoming a burden on them by getting ill in Umrah days. Once Ministry of health Saudi Arabia clears the scene , you may book your Umrah Package 2014 and fly any time using our Cheapest Umrah packages 2014 without any hassle and difficulty.

If till now you have made up your mind to postpone your Umrah till 2014, no need to wait further . You may book your Umrah Package 2014 for the earlier phase of 2014. In the first three months of the year, the weather remains extremely fine and even elder people with more then seventy or Eighty years of age, don’t find it difficult to perform Umrah. Now just pick up your phone and dial the number Blinking above to book your Cheapest Umrah Package 2014 with us.

During your communication with us, we will keep you informed with  updated Hajj and Umrah news and you will remain updated with all the proceedings. Our trained staff remains active all the time to respond to any of your queries and questions.