Step By Step Umrah guide

For most of the Pilgrims, aiming to perform Hajj or Umrah in the year 2014,from the UK, one of the biggest challenge is to find the right Umrah package, which not only facilitate them in terms of cost effectiveness but they also they should get the necessary guidance from their travel agent regarding performing of Hajj or Umrah. In most of the cases, the tour agents only provide a leaflet which includes the detail as to how the pilgrims can perform Hajj or Umrah however, no specific guideline is given in practical terms.

At UmrahExpress, we always aim at providing our valuable customers with every thing they need during their Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage. We believe that it is the primary responsibility of every Hajj and Umrah tour operator, not only to know what is the requirement and need of every pilgrim but also provide them with the solution which should satisfy them in every respect.

Providing step by Step guide to Umrah and Hajj pilgrims is very important specially for those pilgrims who are performing Hajj for the very first time and need step by step guideline so they can perform the Hajj and Umrah in a way that they get mental satisfaction. UmrahExpress always keep their pilgrim’s comfort and mental peace first. During your pilgrimage, you will be assisted by a qualified and experienced Moalim , who will guide his whole group and give them step by step guidance to make their journey full of ease and mental satisfaction.

As far as step by step Umrah and Hajj guidance is concern, we don’t only provide it during Hajj and Umrah, but also before you leave for the holly journey, there will be introductory seminars before your departure, in which you will be given step by step detail and guideline not only about performing Hajj and Umrah but also the problems you may face and how to tackle them effectively. If you already have planned and finalize to perform Hajj or Umrah in 2014, and are looking for most Economical and Cheapest Umrah and Hajj Packages, don’t wait any further and dial the Number on the top, where our operators are always waiting to entertain you with their best.


Cost Effective Umrah Packages 2014

Cheapest Umrah package 2014

As you finally made the decision to Umrah in 2014, and now you are ready to do the initial research to find out the most cost effective Umrah Package on the internet. You may start searching on the search engines with terms like Cheapest Umrah Packages 2014 or Best Umrah package 2014. You would come up with so many results that it would become very difficult for you to see who is the most suitable Umrah service provider and with whom you should book the Umrah package. Before we continue, lets see what should be the attributes of an Ideal Umrah package 2014 and what are the things that matter and you need to check before making your final choice of your agent.

First of all, you need to identify either your soul aim is to book with the least price Umrah agent or you really want to have a Cheapest Umrah package with reasonably good quality services. Logically speaking, the lesser the price will be, more it would be difficult for the service provider to entertain you with maximum quality services. Hence, when you only look for the least price Umrah package, be aware, you definitely saying a YES to lower quality services during your stay. If you really want to have an ideal combination of cost and services, you need to book with a company which not only claims to be Cheapest in the market but also have number of satisfied customers in history to ratify what they claim.

If you have come up here searching for the Cheapest Umrah package 2014, we ensure low price to meet your budget needs while at the same time, unlike others, ensure that services you get are reasonably good quality and up to your satisfaction mark. For this purpose, we have a number of satisfied customers which can be contacted to have a feedback about the services provided to them during their Umrah Journey. Due to massive number of visitors coming for Umrah Packages, it becomes easy for us to purchase services in Saudi Arabia at more cheaper rates then others.  Our experienced managers have the capacity to negotiate at cheap rates and we provide the same discounts to our valued customers hence ensuring that you get best services at reasonable rates. So, in order to become a satisfied member of UmrahExpress family, call on the number above or see the Umrah Packages page for the details of different available packages. Our agents are always welcoming your calls and answer your questions.

Hajj 2014 Group Packages And Family Packages

Hajj-group-2014 Most of the Hajji’s , aiming to perform Hajj in 2014, need to first make it clear either they would like to join any Hajj group package or would like to go separate. When deciding the factor, you need to analyze a few things, which will make you able to make your decision in the right direction. Firstly it depends either you are going to Hajj with family or alone. When with family, especially if you have a child or any person above age of sixty, the scenario becomes entirely different in comparison to when you have no one else to take care of. With your family involve, you have not only to take care of your self but also take utmost care of them as well. There are certain risk factors, which are to be dealt vigilantly while you perform Hajj with family. We shell discuss them in some detail later on .

If you are alone, and going to Hajj for the first time and also have not visited Saudi Arabia before , it is better  for you to join Our Cheapest Hajj packages 2014 along with other Hajj performers. This will give you many benefits and your activities during the Hajj 2014 will be very smooth and without much problems. In group, you will have many native speakers from UK and will have no communication problems as such and time passes very quickly once you have people from the same society speaking the same language. You will have a Moalim with you during the Group Hajj 2014, who will be providing you step by step information in How to Perform Hajj during your Hajj pilgrimage. The presence of a Moalim is utmost important and this you will feel it once you will be having dealing with him during your stay at different places during Hajj.

On the other side, what we were discussing earlier was the problems, you may face during Hajj 2014, if you have your family with you specially women, children and people of old age. They need special care and in Group packages, mostly there is a twin, Triple or Quad sharing which creates a problem and lack of privacy for you. If you are going with your family, we can attach you with any group however, all of your benefits associated with your Group Hajj Packages 2014 will remain same and your privacy will also stay intact as we can accommodate your family separately.

We suggest that before booking with any other agent,  you give a personal visit to our office, where we can show you how our customized Group and family Hajj packages are not only effective but most cheapest in the market at the same time. You can visit us any time of your choice, as we always stay ready to help our customers in getting answers of all their questions.

Most Economical Hajj Packages 2014 By Umrah Express

One of the most important and intense desire in a Muslim’s heart is to perform Hajj at earliest.  But due to the global economic conditions and ever increasing prices of things, the inflation rates are too high that the cost of performing Hajj is getting out of the reach of a common person. Some people do savings and try to collect resources over a period of time to manage enough resources to perform  Hajj . unfortunately due to ever increasing prices specially in fuel, the Air fares of companies have risen up to such a level that now you wont find any Cheapest Umrah packages or Hajj package in the market, until you certainly reach a Hajj and Umrah tour operator , who would , happily facilitate you at a very minimal profit margin.

Due to ever increasing Hajj pilgrims in holy land, the prices of services i.e. Hotels, Transportation, Food and many others have increased considerably because there is a certain limit of facilitating pilgrims and if number of people will increase above the level, it will become very difficult to facilitate them in reasonable prices and as a result , affordable Hajj packages will not be available due to which many people having desire to perform Hajj  will remain un-served.

Another worth mentioning problem which a Travel agent or Hajj Service provider face is the increasing ticket prices. This basically is the result of ever increasing fuel prices and other operating expenses which the airlines have to bear, as a result of which the Hajj tickets are also getting more and more expensive every day.


Now can you possibly get a Cheapest Hajj Packages 2014 in current circumstances ? and if yes how you can manage to find one ? The answer of the question is that most economical Hajj package can only be find in a way when your Hajj and Umrah service provider reduces his personal benefit or profit in it. At Umrah Express , we manage most Economical Hajj packages and Umrah packages through two ways. Through our bulk purchases , we manage to get goods and services at cheap rates then other Hajj and Umrah tour operators. Secondly, we apply a very minimal level of profit margin from our valued customers on providing the services, hence when you are at Umrah Express , feel light and easy as you have approached the place where you will find friendly and home like environment.

You can also call us on our numbers to get information about your Cheapest Hajj packages 2014 and Umrah packages 2014 or if you need any separate facility, we will also provide happily. Call us now and become one of our thousands of satisfied family members who have traveled with us over the last many years.

Find The Best Umrah Package In the UK


Over a period of last one decade, UK has gone multicultural and people from all around the world with different religions and cultures have came here and settled. Muslims are no exception. A large number of Muslims from around the world have come to different cities and now a considerable number of Muslims are present in the UK. With this increasing number of Muslims, the requirement of Hajj and Umrah tour operators also increased significantly as most of the people wanted to have Cheapest and Best Umrah packages from UK.

Though with increasing Tour and Travel operators, options for the Umrah pilgrims added and they now have more choices, however this also has caused many substandard and low quality Umrah and Hajj tour operators to enter the market which has totally deteriorated the experience of Hajji’s. They book with some of these agents on the name of Cheapest Umrah packages, but once they reach the holly land, the quality and services they get are often so substandard that they have to face a lot of difficulty and panic through out the pilgrimage.

Umrah Express is the most trusted name in providing the Umrah and Hajj pilgrims with Best quality Umrah packages over years. All of our services including hotels, transportation, Umrah flights, are ensured to be according to the standards and satisfaction of our valued clients. So if you are planning your Umrah next year and looking forward to find the Best Umrah package 2014 or Best Hajj package 2014, within a reasonable cost, you are at the right place. No need to panic, even if you are going to Saudi Arabia for the very first time or even going out of UK for the very first time. Our pre Hajj and Pre Umrah seminars will give you Step by step guide to the whole process and you will not fine any thing uncomfortable or irritating during the whole of your journey.

Still worried? Call us on the above number and our agents will be waiting for your calls, and answer your questions. You can ask all the questions in your mind and we will provide you step by step guide for your Umrah and Hajj Packages 2014. Also you can correspond us through email where we responds as soon as we receive any query from your side.